Complementary Therapies

Jasmin Cottage is a bed and breakfast with a difference as also on offer during your stay are complementary therapies for women only from your host Justine. Why not make the most of your visit and choose a massage or facial with Justine to make your stay even more memorable.

About Justine

I trained and qualified with ITEC  in 1991 and initially studied Classic Swedish massage. For the first 5 years I worked in 5 star hotels in London giving massages to the rich and famous. In time, however, I became disillusioned with the ‘healing business’ so I took six months off to visit Thailand where I could further my love for Yoga and regain my zest for life whilst learning a new form of massage as taught by the Thai people. I studied at the Ashokonanda school in the Northern Tradition. My passion for body work continues as I have now explored Lomi Lomi under the teacher Carrie Rowell and I am now able to offer Rejuvenating facials in my massage treatments. In all the therapies I practice I am able to restore the balance in your body mind and spirit. My intention is to always provide a quiet  and nourishing environment, whilst you are immersed in an atmosphere of light and love, allowing you to release and heal.

Classic Swedish

This therapy helps to release muscular tension, boost circulation, aid in the alleviation of stress and also help with the healing process after injuries. It helps to ease pain in a specific area and also encourages the removal of waste products from the body by increasing both circulation of blood and lymph fluids. It is a relaxing treatment which combines different techniques from flowing gentle movements to firmer pressure. It promotes a sense of relaxation, renewed energy and well being.

Lomi Lomi

A restorative healing Hawaiian Massage working gently yet deeply on the muscles and psyche using continuous flowing strokes that sweep across the body like the ocean waves. This massage touches the heart and soul at a deep level, enabling the receiver to relax due to its ultimately hypnotic effect and then bringing mind body and spirit into a place of stillness.

Deep Tissue

This is a type of massage aimed at the deep tissue structures of the muscles and fascia. It uses many of the same techniques as Classic Swedish but the pressure is generally more intense. It is a more focused massage aimed at releasing chronic tension and knots. It can therefore be a little more uncomfortable at times, as old patterns that have built up over the years are addressed. When firmer pressure is applied the circulatory system is stimulated to a high level allowing more oxygen and nutrients to reach the tissues. This will improve skin tone. The overall effect of this therapy is to restore optimum health and vitality.


Thai Massage

This is an all encompassing treatment with the receiver lying fully clothed on a mat on the ground. Various positions will be worked comprehensively (front, back and sides of body) in a nurturing fashion using my feet, elbows, palms, forearms and thumbs. We work with the breath and movement to dispel blocked energy through gentle but firm use of acupressure and yoga, restoring energy levels and bringing the body back into balance.

All treatments are £50 per 1 hour session, £70 for 1.5 hour session or £90 for a 2 hour session. To book a massage with me or to find out more, call me on 01458 832535.